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lake michigan learning lab
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follow the drop - a watershed odyssey

The Lake Michigan Learning Lab allows 6th through 9th grade students to study Lake Michigan ecology the way a scientist would, by making predictions, gathering data, analyzing results, drawing conclusions and identifying relationships.

Guiding Questions

1) How do natural factors and human actions affect how water travels through our environment?

2) Where do the different types of water pollution come from and why are they a source of concern for our community?

3) What can we do to improve and preserve our freshwater so it is a resource for future generations?

Why the Watershed Odyssey?

We designed and developed the Watershed Odyssey program in conjunction with many of the top experts in water management in Wisconsin. We wanted to:
  • Facilitate student understanding of science concepts
  • Create a "macro” level awareness of watershed issues"
  • Connect with local organizations where they can learn more and take action to improve water quality



teacher lesson handbook

As part of the Learning Lab, there are 18 pre- and post-lessons provided in our Teacher Lesson Handbook.

These will be provided to instructors upon registering to visit the Port Exploreum.
Teacher Lesson Handbook

history curriculum

We designed the Wisconsin History module for fourth grade students in conjunction with classroom teachers and school district curriculum directors. This new curriculum satisfies four state social studies standards and five NGSS Next Generation Science Standards.

The content of this program includes: four pre-visit lessons with resources that will aid the teacher in implementing these lessons within the classroom setting; a class visit to the Exploreum which will include four interactive activities; and post-visit A Step Further - which includes three supplemental classroom lessons.
Teacher Guidek

Educator Information


things to know for your visit

Our education staff will assist you in planning for your visit to the Port Exploreum. If you have any specific requests or needs, please contact us so that we can try and accommodate you.

We want you and your class to have a great learning experience while you are visiting. For that reason, we ask that you have one teacher, support staff or chaperone for every 10 – 12 students. Please know that we will split larger classes into smaller groups, and therefore we would like adult supervision with each smaller group.
For class visits, the standard $2.00 fee will be waived.
Teachers and Support Staff: Free
Chaperones: Free
Parking and transportation
Please have your bus pull up in front of the Port Exploreum to load and unload students. There are parking lots around town where your bus can park while you are visiting.

For class visits actual busing costs will be reimbursed up $160 per visit. Please bring an invoice to be reimbursed.
If you will be more than 15 minutes later than your planned arrival time, please call the Port Exploreum at 262-284-2406.
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